Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It has been awhile since Suzie posted on this blog but she still wants to share with her family and friends her thoughts and experiences.  She has asked me, Yasmin, to occasionally update this blog. Hopefully, by doing so those who care about Suzie will know what is going on. 

Today is a better day than the past couple of days. Pain and nausea ruled the day and Suzie spent most of the day in bed. Yesterday it was difficult to manage the intractable pain and the medication dosage had to be adjusted twice. But she got up later today and is feeling better.  Finally the pain medication dosage seems to be at the level that will adequately address the level of pain for now.

Because it has taken awhile to get the ongoing pain managed, Suzie has not been up to posting on this blog. Though weaker and struggling with the effects of the cancer, it is important to Suzie that her friends and family are kept updated regarding her status.  As she put it - "I do not want anyone wondering whether I have said good-bye to the world!"

Thank you to all for your love, patience and concern. It is hard to say how often the blog will be updated, but please know that updates will come.


  1. Sister Thouin, a lady I home teach, mentioned a story she had read and wanted to know the title or author of, so that she could read it again.

    It might interest you, Suzie. It seems reasonably short. It's A Dream-story: The Christmas Angel by Henry Van Dyke and is found at

    Your friend Bob Bartholomew

  2. Suzie,
    As you make this long & difficult journey home to your father, know that you will leave many here on earth who will rejoice that you are no longer in pain, but who will feel the emptiness of our world without you in it.
    You have made a difference in so many lives & are loved!